Worker's Compensation

Pavone Law Group excels in representing injured workers before the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission.

When a worker is injured on the job, there are many benefits to which he or she is entitled under the Workers Compensation Act as well as many pitfalls to be avoided. Our mission is to vigorously defend the rights of our clients to ensure that they receive all the benefits to which they are entitled as an injured worker. This would include temporary total disability benefits, vocational rehabilitation, if necessary, and an Award or Settlement for any permanent disability the injured worker may have suffered. 

We are experienced litigators who routinely go to trial to defend our client’s rights. Injured workers are at a disadvantage since they are not familiar with the Workers Compensation Act and the law. Insurance adjusters are not only schooled in the fine points of the Workers Compensation Act, but they also have attorneys to advise them as to how to defend your claim.

We have found through experience that the earlier we are involved in managing your claim, the more successful the outcome. We are committed to vigorously defending our client’s rights and entitlement to benefits.

If you are injured, call or email us for an appointment. We will set up a free consultation to discuss your potential claim and what needs to be done to pursue it.

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