Children's Trust

Children's Trust

A children’s trust is designed specifically for minor children, as well as some children over the age of 18. There are numerous options available and our attorneys will help you choose the best one suitable for your unique situation.

A Children’s Trust can include the following:

  • Choosing a trustee to execute the terms of the trust
  • Choosing a custodian to allocate benefits to your minor children
  • Defining the terms and conditions of property and asset allocation
  • Defining provisions for children based on their age and maturity
  • Determining actions that are in the best interest of the child

In addition to creating the trust, you must ensure that it is fully funded. By funding your trust, you guarantee that in the event of your death, your children will be provided for as you wished. We believe that you should have a say in how your children are cared for after your death. You can protect that right by establishing the proper estate plan for the future needs of your children.

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